Art Pieces for Silent Auction Needed

Hi everyone!

I am looking for students who are willing to support my graduate project “Stories of Fire – A Graduate Project in Support of the Matador Fire Relief Fund,” with their art pieces.


I am planning an event on campus, including a photo exhibition and a silent auction. Therefore, I need the support of artists who are willing to donate their work to the auction. Bids will be written on a sheet of paper next to each item and the highest listed bidder wins the art piece. The money raised will benefit the Matador Fire Relief Fund.


Key Facts:

–       Exhibition/Event in late April, either April 13 or April 20 

–       Creation and donation of art pieces that can be related to fire (for example painting that resembles the color scheme/flames)

–       Art pieces would need to be done by March 23

–       One art piece will be picked to be featured on the event’s flyer; all artists’ names will be included in the press release 

–       Students get free publicity, the showcase of their work and networking opportunities 

Please let me know if you’re interested, or if you have any questions!

Thank you very much,
Graduate Student in the Department of Journalism
(818) 633-5044

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