CSUN Poll: We want your input!


We’re giving out gift cards to students who have a couple of hours to spare to help do some on-campus polling.  All the information will be on digital tablets, so all you need to do is encourage CSUN students (with your outgoing personality) to take the very brief poll (poll will take a couple minutes max). To help entice CSUN students to take the poll, we’ll provide our volunteers with some SWAG items you can hand out to any student you get to take the poll.

The poll consists of questions aimed at trying to increase student retention.

To qualify:

  1. Be an enrolled CSUN student
  2. Have a couple of hours you can spare during the next couple of weeks(flexible schedule)
  3. Have an outgoing personality!!!!
  4. All students who are selected to help conduct the poll will receive a gift card by the CSUN
  5. Additionally, one lucky outgoing student who gets the most CSUN students to take the poll will win an “additional” $25.00 gift card

Interested? Then please follow the link below and fill out the form. Sign up and we’ll get back to you with more details. First come first serve, so don’t loose your chance. Sign up now!




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