Call For Entries: M&A Announcement | Open Call for 2019

Open Call for 2019:
Staging Construction

Deadline: January 15, 2018, 11:59PM
Registration required

Staging Construction is a call for projects that explore construction as both a practice and a performance. Construction can seem a rather dry affair for a public installation. After all, logistics, staging, industry standards, manual labor are not the seductive tools of design. Yet recent attention to participatory design processes, preoccupation with industrial readymades, satirization of DIY building culturearcheology of building sites, and competitions around demolition suggest that our cultural field is attending to these unseen endeavors intrinsic to the production of architecture.Materials & Applications seeks proposals that investigate the act of construction as both an act of building and as a form of industry. Through its messy web of relations and procedures, construction practices draws architecture into the orbit of other systems, including labor practices, managerial models, governmental structures, and negotiated temporalities. Specifically, we are seeking projects that:

  • challenge the supremacy of architectural objects by prioritizing the performance of construction over or adjacent to its resulting artifacts
  • expand on construction procedures and instructions as an act of interpretation
  • highlight or redefine the specific cast of characters who contribute to the construction process, including city inspectors, permit officers, contractors, day laborers, etc.
  • index systems of material sourcing, management, regulation and labor systems

We are looking for projects that fall in line with the history of M&A’s production, including works that can be categorized as installations, temporary architecture, site-specific, and scenographic, and projects that aspire to be ambitious, well crafted, physically robust, intellectually risky, and materially unexpected.


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