Student concepts wanted for Skirball Center – Student/Faculty collaborative art project

Art students wanted for a collaborative project with CSUN Faculty!

CSUN is planning on a faculty retreat at the Skirball Center in early January. The Faculty Retreat Committee is looking for students to submit conceptual designs/ideas which will be used during the event. Students will be asked to submit a full color concept for committee review and consideration. The student who is selected will be requested to transfer their design to a canvas from which the faculty attending the retreat will paint.|

Additionally, the committee is looking for a graphic designer to create the printed pamphlet to promote the event. The design must incorporate the final concept design. Graphic designers are encouraged to submit both conceptual ideas for the painting, and designs for the pamphlet. Non-graphic design students can also design the concept which will later be prepared for print.

The final faculty painting will be displayed on campus. Students whose work is selected by the committee will receive a gift card, as well as printed recognition for your work. This is a great portfolio and resume building opportunity!

Interested in more details? Want to be considered? Please follow this link and fill out this form:

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