TEDxCSUN 2017 Tickets Now On Sale!

TEDxCSUN 2017 Tickets Now On Sale!
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TEDxCSUN 2017 Tickets On Sale Now!

At this year’s TEDxCSUN, we aim to show the awe-inspiring power of human potential. Through dynamic performances, inspirational speeches and “ideas worth spreading,” we hope to show you what being human really means.

TEDxCSUN is a full-day conference independently curated by CSUN students and licensed by TED. Tickets are available to students anywhere for $17 at TEDxCSUN.org (students must submit a valid student ID number with their purchase).
We’re bringing a talented array of students, alumni, faculty and others to showcase innovative research and ideas around our topic: human potential. The focus is to invoke thought about the awe-inspiring power of human achievement, particularly within the local community and the greater Los Angeles County.
Bridget Sampson, CEO of SCC, has been designing and delivering cutting edge professional development programs for over 20 years. Having earned her Master’s Degree with Distinction in Communication Studies, Bridget’s areas of expertise include presentation skills, leadership, influence, teambuilding, managing change, conflict resolution, coaching skills, and more.
The Little Theatre in Nordhoff Hall
Saturday, April 29th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
CSUN was founded with the belief that a student’s education should be closely aligned with hands-on learning experiences. Because of this, we aim to create a venue where students who are driven and passionate about their disciplines can showcase the talents that this diverse campus has to offer, and can have a place where their ideas can spread. We believe that the TEDx mission is closely aligned with CSUN’s mission that pushes for the dissemination of knowledge and innovation.
Thank you to our sponsors!
Don’t miss out on your chance to be inspired by ideas worth spreading.

Count yourself in
and purchase a ticket today! TEDxCSUN.org

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