2nd Annual SHOP SHOW: make a panel, buy some art.

2nd Annual SHOP SHOW

Student, faculty, alumni exhibit and sale

A fundraising event from the Sculpture Organization

April 17th- April 27th, 2017

$5.00 entry fee per panel.

Multiple entries are permitted, but Artists can only receive one panel at a time. A new panel can be obtained after submitting a completed panel.

Panels Available in ADC 512 (Sculpture Lab) and ADC 204 (Gallery Office. EVEN OVER SPRING BREAK!)

Open to all current and former students and faculty in the CSUN Art Department.



5:00pm, April 14th in ADC 512 (Sculpture Lab)

All entries become property of the CSUN Sculpture Organization

Artist may be asked to modify entry for safety reasons.

Do not increase the 10”x10” dimension, the panel must remain within this size or entry will be disqualified. This means you can not add to the “sides” of panel (covered sides must be less than ⅛”).

The Artist may however expand the front of the panel to their liking.

All entries must be signed by the Artist ON THE BACK OF THE PANEL.  

For assistance or questions, see a Sculpture GA, ADC 512 or contact us at



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