Faculty Spotlight: Lesley Krane exhibits at Broome Library Art Gallery

John Spoor Broome Library Art Gallery Personal Stories

Shared Narratives Lesley Krane Photography Cecilia Z. Miguez Sculpture

March 1, 2017 – April 2, 2017


The exhibition Personal Stories / Shared Narratives connects two artists whose work, on the superficial level, appears to be very different. Empty spaces converted by the photographer into an abstracted play of volumes, shapes and tonalities are juxtaposed to figurative representations transformed by the sculptor into a series of compelling, mysterious, and surrealist narratives. Yet Lesley Krane and Cecilia Z. Miguez share important visual and conceptual sensibilities. Their art is about memories, storytelling, and enduring nostalgia. Krane’s minimalist rooms, void of specificity, contrast and, at the same time, complement Miquez’s “modern baroque” layering of materials and forms. “Found,” as a tangible object or immaterial space, is a key concept for both artists. The photographic and sculptural appropriations realign the inherent, yet unknown, histories and form personalized reflections with new identities and meanings. Vacillating between private and public, past and present and realism and abstraction, these two Los Angeles-based artists create a visual field that is as contemplative as it is captivating. The compelling visual and conceptual journey unfolding in Personal Stories / Shared Narratives is an invitation for a careful examination of the photographs and sculptures displayed, but it is also a starting point for visitors’ personal recollections.

-Irina D. Costache

Special thanks to: Ivan Grooms, Effie Karacali, Hilda Ocampo, Kenji Webb and Hai Lee

The exhibitions in the Broome Art Gallery are supported by the Art Program, the Office of the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and the Office of the Dean of the Martin V Smith School of Business and Economics


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