Student volunteers wanted to assist professional artists for VPAC music festival

On Saturday, February 25th, VPAC is hosting a FREE, day-long music festival called “Global Currents.”  Here is a link to the festival from our website:


Along with the amazing artists who are performing, we will have several art-making workshops for the community to enjoy.  CSUN will be providing volunteer support for each of the three artists.  Ideally, the volunteers can be students from the Art Department since this seems to be a great opportunity to work with professional artists as well as the students sharing their skills with the workshop participants.  The students will be needed all day (12:30 – 6:00PM), but we would definitely feed them (there will be some delicious food trucks on site).  Also, the students should have some time to participate in the festival and watch some performances.

If they are interested, please have them contact

Anthony E. Cantrell, Ph.D.

Director of Arts Education

T 818.677.8847
C 818.438.8480

for more information.


Here are the visual artist workshop descriptions:

Waterscapes with Alvaro Asturias:

Create a multi-media painting of a water source – ocean, river, lake, pond, rain – incorporating natural elements such as colored sand, sawdust, spices, leaves, and bark.


Calligraphy in Three Languages with Eiko Amano:

Choose a language – Arabic, Chinese, or Spanish – and learn to write Water in the art of calligraphy. On a watercolor wash in hues of blue, mount your work and make it into a small wall hanging.


Water Spirit Crowns with Beth Peterson:

Make a festive Global Currents crown, your own wearable art honoring and celebrating water!


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