PPM Protocol for reusing items

Ed received an email from Travis Thomas from PPM in regards to art students rummaging for material in their area. Travis says while PPM supports the re-utilization of surplus and scrap materials, we simply cannot have students rummaging through items in the yard. It creates a liability for the University as the students are not wearing the proper Personal Protective Equipment or trained in the safe handling of the materials in our Yard.

Travis found a student standing inside their scrap metal bin. This is very dangerous because scrap metals are dumped from either the adjacent ramp or from a forklift. Should someone had come to put materials in the bin, they would certainly not expect someone to be inside. Students are also not allowed to taking furniture parts off of the loading dock.

Many of the items in the yard may appear to be scrap, but are actually serving a purpose as inventory or as surplus property which is sold as a revenue stream for the University and may have already been listed for sale.  Removal of items without permission creates an issue for PPM should the item not be available or complete when their Trades Staff or auction winner come to retrieve it.

Graduate students are allowed to visit surplus for studio furnishings, however protocol must be followed. If you are unsure of the protocol, please contact either Michelle Rozic, Michelle Nunes, or one of the staff techs for assistance.

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