Study in China! Application due February 2017

1study-in-china-for-free-2016-17-1Do you feel you may  need international travel experience before hitting the job market? Do you ever wish that you could expand your horizons by learning a new language and living in another culture? Are you curious about China and would like to visit there one day?

If you answered yes to any of these questions,  read the ad below (and attached) and contact Besnike Saitoski at to find out more about studying abroad in China for free.  You could also check out details at

This program is highly recommended.  Students who have received this scholarship say their time in China helped prepare them for their careers in ways that no master’s or doctoral program ever could have.  Plus, it was an opportunity of a lifetime to be fully funded while living abroad for an entire year.

Check it out:

China Scholarship Council (CSC)
Program for CSUN Students. Study
in China Next Year for FREE!
Application Deadline for 2017-2018:
Final Deadline: February 17,2017
For more specific application information,
Email: Besnike Saitoski at

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