Support the CSUN Food Pantry

We are inviting individuals to support the CSUN Food Pantry in any way possible.  Please call the number on the poster to donate items for distribution.  Donations of funds for purchase of pantry items can be made at, by simply designating CSUN Food Pantry under Donation Information.


Also, in the next month trained graduate students from our MSW program will begin assisting students who wish to file an application for the state CalFresh ( food assistance program.  This service will also be located in the Food Pantry.  Additionally, students qualifying for assistance through the Women, Infant and Children(WIC) Program can get assistance on campus through the Marilyn Magaram Center (


Together we are attempting to rise to the challenge of assisting students who need extra help to insure that food insecurity does not stand as an impediment to their ability to thrive and achieve their educational objectives.

Thank you for your assistance and for helping spread the word about these resources.

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