National Portfolio Days


Based on your important role and influence in art and education, we have reached out to you to share information about the upcoming Graduate National Portfolio Days + Information Fairs (GNPDs).

GNPDs are lively events designed for students interested in pursuing graduate-level study in art, design, and architecture. Prospective MFA, MArch, MA, and Post-Baccalaureate students are invited to receive critical feedback on their portfolios and individualized admissions advice from nationwide graduate programs specializing in these fields.

Even if students do not have a completed portfolio to share with the graduate faculty, we encourage students to attend so they can meet one-on-one with faculty and learn more about the curricula and application procedures at participating schools.



We have included details on the events for Fall 2016 to the right, and hope that you will share this information with your students and other members of your creative community.These events are not an examination, nor are they a competition – attendees should not expect to gain either admission or scholarship to colleges visited during the event. They will have the opportunity, however, to get specific information about the quality, depth and consistency of portfolio requirements required at the graduate level from each school visited; direct feedback on their artwork; and the next steps for applying for admission.

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