Emergency Notification Testing on 10/20/16 at 10:20am

This  is to notify you that Police Services and Information Technology will be conducting a test of two important components of our emergency notification systems on Thursday, October 20th at 10:20AM in coordination with the annual Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill.

We will be testing Informacast, a system that allows us to take over campus phones to broadcast an emergency message through the speakers on phones and on the phone’s display screen.

We will also be testing Alertus, a new system that allows us to send a pop-up alert to all campus computers connected to the CSUN server. When an alert containing the emergency message appears on the screen, the user must click ‘acknowledge’ to proceed with normal operations.

We encourage everyone to participate in the earthquake preparedness drill by practicing the correct actions to take when an earthquake occurs. All participants should DROP to the ground, take COVER under something sturdy and HOLD ON.

Please visit http://csun.edu/emergency for more information on preparedness activities that will be happening on October 20th to encourage an earthquake ready CSUN. If you would like additional information about the ShakeOut Drill or Emergency Notification System testing, please contact Emergency Preparedness Manager Jenny Novak at 818-677-5973 or Jenny.Novak@csun.edu


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