Virtual & Augmented Reality Events!

The VARx Kickoff event last week to launch CSUN into an exploration of virtual and augmented reality was well received.  The next three VARx events are:

  • October 14 | VAR in the Arts
  • November 4 | VAR in Science
  • December 2 | VAR for Accessibility

Each of these “brownbag” events will be from 12-1 p.m. in OV 30.  Bring a lunch!

VAR in the ARTS is this Friday, Oct 14

Independent artist and futurist, Zenka, will be sharing her “Art for the Galactic Age”, including her augmented reality sculptures.  Check out her bio at:

unnamed Zenka Bio

Zenka Bio. Zenka (Jenny Carden) is an independent artist and futurist who creates “Art for the Galactic Age”. She is known for her augmented reality sculptures …


Will virtual and augmented reality move us into the knowledge age?

Artist, Zenka, takes us on a journey through time. Her street art and sculptures paint a picture of where we are in time and where we are headed based on new developments in virtual and augmented reality. Finding new ways to visualize accelerating change begs the question: how do we dream big and prepare for fast change in the knowledge age?

We will also have an interactive VR experience on demo called “The Night Cafe” – a virtual reality tribute to Van Gogh.  We will also have 360 videos to try out, including the “Circle of Life” – a 360 video of the Lion King being performed on Broadway.



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