Call For Artists- CSUN Trash Can Makeover

Request for Proposal: ART & SUSTAINABILITY

  • These are what the cans currently look like



  • The Associated Students Sustainability Committee would like to collaborate with the students and professors of the Art Department.
  • Art students will design event specific trash cans to promote matador spirit and sustainability
  • The designs will be based on CSUN’s Sustainability Initiatives: scroll down to view descriptions on each of the initiatives
  • Dining, Education, Energy and Buildings, Environmental Quality, Organics, Purchasing & Consumption, Transportation, Waste & Materials Management, and Water
  • Artists are encouraged to put their own unique twist on the design and sign it to leave their legacy
  • We ask to keep the art in a more positive light, avoiding controversial and political messages
  • Once finished, we would like to promote the students and their art via social media and the CSUN Sustainability website

Proposal Requirements:

  • Items to include: design example, list of possible materials needed, estimated budget
  • You may turn in the proposals to the Associated Students Office located in the USU at the front desk and tell them it is for Darien or email the design to


DimensionsThe barrels/drums are 34” tall, with a 23 ½” diameter (approx.. 6’ circumference), 55gallon size.

Surface- All of the cans have what appears to be an enamel paint coating, green or black (from the factory). The drums with black enamel paint might be some sort of rust inhibitor coating.

Handling of cans- The cans are handled manually.

Item Preparation-We will be remove any existing debris from the interior, rinse them inside and out, let them air dry and deliver them to the ADC area upon request.

Deadline: Friday October 28th

Drop off or email designs to Raquel.

*****If you have any further questions email:

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