A New Database At The CSUN Library

Thanks to the generosity of all 9 college deans on campus (thank you Ken, Stella, Farrell, Jerry, Joyce, Beth, Ramesh, Michael, and Dan!), the Oviatt Library has been able to purchase a perpetual license to Data Planet.  Data Planet is an amazing database and a massive repository of statistics (the largest of its kind in the world) that you can read more about at http://www.data-planet.com/ but let me give you a brief description:


  • Contains 35 billion data points and 4.9 billion datasets.
  • Searchable using multiple filters, qualifiers, and metadata.
  • Users can create multiple types and styles of line charts, area charts, bar graphs, trend rankings, and maps.
  • Data (and metadata) can be exported to many file formats, including Excel, Excel Linked to Data, PDF, Delimited Text, SAS, XML, Shapefile, RefWorks, and DOI links.
  • Includes a Calculator Tool that enables mathematical equations to calculate rates, ratios, percent distribution, and other statistical measures.
  • Covers the following broad subject areas:

o    Agriculture and Food;

o    Banking, Finance, and Insurance;

o    Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement;

o    Education;

o    Energy Resources and Industries;

o    Government and Politics;

o    Health and Vital Statistics;

o    Housing and Construction;

o    Industry, Business, and Commerce;

o    International Relations and Trade;

o    Labor and Employment;

o    Military and Defense;

o    Natural Resources and Environment;

o    Population and Income;

o    Prices, Consumption, and Cost of Living;

o    Transportation and Traffic


I’m excited that our students, faculty and staff can now start using Data Planet for research, teaching, and data analysis.  See http://library.calstate.edu/northridge/databases/alphabetical?alpha=D to begin using this important new resource. While it is easy to browse the data sets in Data Planet, expert searching and data manipulation takes some training.  Chris Bulock, Collection Coordinator for Electronic Resource Management, can organize training sessions if there is interest.   Please contact Chris if you would like to participate in this training.


Again, thank you to all the deans who made this happen!







Mark Stover, Ph.D.

Dean, Oviatt Library

California State University, Northridge

18111 Nordhoff Street

Northridge, CA 91330-8326

(818) 677-2271



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