Grant Opportunity: $30 application fee DUE 9/30/2016

Guidelines for Business Accelerator Fellowships

To be selected for CHF’s Business Accelerator Program and become eligible for a grant, visual artists must apply online (see “Submission Requirements” below). Please visit our benefits page for more information about what program participants receive.

Who Should Apply?

Professional painters, sculptors, and artists working on paper who:

  • Employ traditional media, NOT including photography, film, or video
  • Have had their work published and/or exhibited professionally
  • Are pursuing specific opportunities or projects for which the fund’s support would make a substantial difference in their business prospects
  • Are United States citizens or permanent residents
  • Have not previously been awarded a grant from CHF
  • Earn or want to earn their living from the sale of their artwork

Apply Now!

The application period for CHF’s 2017 Business Accelerator Program has officially opened. Applications will be accepted through September 30th, 2016.Click here to apply.

CHF does not give preference to any particular art movement, style, or trend. All painters, sculptors, and artists working on paper are eligible. The fund does not support performance, literary, or commercial work.

How to Qualify for the Business Accelerator Program

CHF will choose 20 artists to participate in our Business Accelerator Program based on:

  • The content of an artist’s complete application
  • A demonstrable commitment to actively managing his/her business

How to Qualify for a Business Accelerator Grant

From among the program’s 20 participants, up to ten artists will be selected to receive grants based on the following criteria:

  • Compliance with CHF’s participation and reporting requirements (see below)
  • The strength of the business plans that program participants build during the year-long Business Accelerator course

The amount of each grant will vary according to an artist’s business plan and specific needs, but the total funding to be disbursed by CHF in one year will not exceed $10,000.

Submission Requirements

CHF partners with (CaFÉ) to manage the application process. Artists must register with CaFÉ to view and fill out the application, as well do the following:

  • Complete the entire online application. (All questions are mandatory unless otherwise indicated.)
  • Pay the $30 application fee by credit card through CaFÉ.
  • Provide resume/CV and up to ten images of their work. (OPTIONAL: Artists may also submit supporting materials, if relevant—e.g., letter of intent from a gallery, commission statement, referrals, references, etc.)
  • Designate two work samples for potential inclusion in the CHF 2017 online catalogue. (CHF will determine which artists are included.)
  • Submit the application by midnight MDT on September 30, 2016. Applications that are incomplete, late, or submitted without work samples will not be reviewed.

Participation and Reporting Requirements

Program participants will receive an agreement letter explaining the terms and conditions of the program, which include:

  • Attending and actively participating in the year-long web-based workshop course
  • Offering feedback on the course via online post-workshop surveys
  • Participating in CHF’s interview program (which is done by phone/web)
  • Providing CHF with a high-resolution headshot
  • Sending the CHF team regular updates on their work and upcoming exhibitions/events

This agreement letter must be signed, and all participation and reporting requirements must be completed, before a participant is considered to have successfully completed the Business Accelerator Program.

Those participants who successfully complete the program and are chosen to receive funding from CHF will be asked to sign a funding agreement that outlines our financial-documentation and narrative-reporting requirements. An artist must sign the funding agreement and comply with all of CHF’s financial-documentation and narrative-reporting requirements before funds will be disbursed.


For more information, please contact us at

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