CSUN Call For Entry- Migrations DUE 11/8/16

(Artwork: Jacob Lawrence)

Student exhibition “Metamorphosis. The Human Stories

An exhibition inspired by immigrant and refugee narratives.

The aim of the project is to present the dissolved identities and disappearing borders in relation to the plight of an individual, often cast using monolithic generalizations including, but not limited to, “refugee,” “exile,” “host,” and “asylum.” This project will underscore the growing crisis not only as an economic and/or political matter, but as a global challenge to our very sense of humanity.

Project “Metamorphosis. The Human Stories” focuses on the global immigrant and refugee crisis. This student exhibition is a part of, and builds on, a broader multicultural project which began in 2016 in Germany and Armenia and will conclude with an exhibition in Nov 2017 in Dresden, Germany. The student works exhibition will also be presented in Feb 2017 during an international symposium hosted by Stockton University, NJ and in March 2016 at the Ocean City Art Center.



Immigrant Narratives in Contemporary Art

Can be presented as the individual stories, images, testimonies, hand written notes, and documents collected at the numerous locations and events.

Possible directions of investigation:

  1. Tell your own story or story of your family
  2. Give voice to those who do not have the opportunity or a platform to share their story and experience.
  3. If the immigration and refugee narrative does not have an immediate impact then one can reflect on own role as a global citizen, a human being and their responsibility to react to the global crisis.



Size 17” x 24” or 43 cm x 60.5 cm

Mixed media work on paper.

Additional possibilities are a multimedia works including but not limited to the DVD, audio archives, or performance documentations (have to be integrated into the size 17” x 24” paper).

Dimensional works can be created with folded, or cast paper, but must not exceed 1/8” thickness.


Selection Process: 5-10 students per university. 1 or 2 works per student selected by instructors.


Important Dates

    • Artwork due by Tuesday, November 8, for selection
      • Actual artwork submitted in a paper portfolio. Artwork should be protected with 17”x24” glassine paper on top and behind the work.
      • Include name, title, media, email address, and cell phone number
      • Submit to Michelle Rozic in her ART140 course, in AC 333 between 2-4:45
      • Work can also be submitted to Michelle Rozic the week before on Thursday, November 3, between 1-2 in AC 502 or 2-4:45 in AC 333
    • Monday, November 14, selected artists notified
    • Friday, November 18, selected artist’s statements due (200-250 words)


  • By Dec 15th 2016 Michelle Rozic will mail works to

Mariana Smith

Stockton University


Exhibition Schedule

Accepted work must be available for travel for 1-3 years. It will be the student’s responsibility to ensure Michelle Rozic has your updated contact info in case you graduate before the work returns. Michelle Rozic will let participants know of updated show information, as well as when the work returns to CSUN and is available for pickup.


  • Feb 20-26 Exhibition
    Stockton University

Noyes Gallery

Atlantic city, NJ


  • Nov 2017

Dresden Germany


  • 2018

additional exhibitions presented at the following venues:

Gyumri Fine Art Academy, Gyumri, Armenia

Columbus College of Art and Design, Ohio

The University of Central Oklahoma

Lamar University Beaumont, Texas


  • Additional exhibition is being negotiated with the university at Thessaloniki, Greece

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